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Sales & Marketing

Finding the right retailers to sell your products is absolutely necessary if you are going to see any success with your products. Knowing where products will sell and retailer requirements can be a long drawn out process that can take years to understand. Our experience can help you shorten that learning curve and get you moving along in a very short period of time. One of the crucial elements to sales success is relationships. Plain and simple. People do business with people they like. We have worked very hard over the years to establish trusted working relationships with many retailers, and can leverage those relationships to help facilitate sales for your products. We already have the foot in the door, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Knowledge of where to sell products is one of many factors that need to be addressed before getting products on the shelves. Price, packaging and design (PPD), along with uniqueness are crucial elements to sales success. Our experience can help you find the right fit for your products and get you moving in the right direction.


One of our key business areas is the distribution of shelf stable and refrigerated products to grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, offices and institutions. Getting your products to your clients is key to business success, and choosing the right partner is just as important. Packing your car to the roof and doing your own deliveries is not the best use of your time or money. You need to focus on product development and marketing, where your expertise and passion lies. Let us handle the logistics, that's what we do. Our team handles distribution for small mom and pop shops, right up to larger accounts which require more complicated logistics and customer service. This gives us a full range of experience to help better serve you…
We pride ourselves on courteous, on-time service directly focused on your business needs. We believe customer service is at the heart of any business and will handle your distribution as we do our own...

Warehouse & Storage

Are you storing your products in your garage or basement? Do you rent a small space that you are quickly outgrowing? Does your business need an end-to-end logistics solution so you can focus on sales? Do you need quicker response times for delivery to your clients? These are common scenarios that growing businesses face, and we have a solution for. Storage space and warehouse logistics can be very expensive and cut into your profits, as well as affect customer relations when delivery times are not consistent. Let us handle your storage and logistics needs while you focus on your business. We have a team that will perform all related warehouse duties and make sure your products are ready for delivery in a prompt and professional manner. All products are palletized and kept in our more than 30,000 feet of warehouse space outfitted with full pallet racking. Combined with our sales and distribution services and you have an end-to-end business solution.


We want to be your trusted partner and grow our business together...

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